United States of America

Discovering The West Cost


All kids around the world have already dreamed of landing on the US territory. If you followed me on Instagram you might have seen I’ve been lucky to get there. I’m about to tell you a few words about it.




After visiting Canada, I’ve made one of basic road trips in the US:

  • Niagara Falls
  • Harrisburg
  • Washington
  • New York


Even if I also defend our French biodiversity and the fact we benefit from a large scale of landscapes, I must admit that the country we crossed was astonishing


Some of you, who will read this may have already been in the US. Perhaps many times. For me, it was the first time (I’ve already been in New York before this journey but New York represents as well the US as Paris represents France). Do you remember your first time in US? I always will.

I’ve left that country with the impression nothing has been done and that there is still an unbelievable part of discovering. It’s partially true.