Amiens’ soul

What is Amiens? Let me introduce it.


Amiens is a little city situated between Lille, the biggest city in the north of France, and Paris. Well known for his Cathedral (more beautiful than Notre-Dame-de-Paris) and known as the city of the new French president, Amiens has much more talents.

amiens-cathedralStreet artists are one side of talents sheltered by Amiens. The COOP is a place of convergence of the artists. If you go to this godforsaken place not only for Urbex, you could admire real tags. If you go to the discovery of Amiens, you will probably enjoy the rain. Hopefully, these tags will be your ray of sunshine.


When we listen to statements on Amiens, it is the same arguments which always return: Amiens is a poor city. People are there lazy and we have nothing to envy them Let me say to yourselves that when I see this art of street I say to myself that all these statements are badly based. How can you not envy people so artistic?

I also explore a place called: La Briqueterie. This place is dedicated to the expression of the tags. You won’t find “wild street art” but only drawings which have been prepared and designed well before. But this place is quite magic for lovers of street art. I leave you some pics below ✌🏽