One week in Denmark

Nobody can or should avoid the Scandinavian countries.

I went to Denmark 4 years ago. I visited Aarhus and Copenhague. At that time I was passionate by the journeys but less by the photography. You know by the time I paid as well attention on the photos as during the era of the disposable cameras.

In my great disappointment, I have no acceptable photo of Copenhagen to present you. Fortunately, Denmark is not reduced in Copenhagen. The second city where I visited is called Aarhus. Aarhus is a lovely city. This city type where it is good to live, where the life is not stressful, where the traffic jams of return of the work seem non-existent, the grumbling neighbors non-existent and the non-existent social problems. Of course, this vision is the one of a man of passage. But consider I, YOU WOULD LIKE IT.


If you are a super fan of “Doctor Who” (my sister is one big fan) you may have noticed that my second picture is the studio of the show. I was myself surprised by it.

There was that amazing museum in Aarhus. A modern one. I decided to put a few photos of the art you can find in there.


What you can retain is, that this country is BRILLIANT. People are helpful, kind. When I exchanged with students they seemed very happy to live in this country, they seemed very spread. I marveled of the mentality so positive of the inhabitants. I could write hundreds and thousand warm words in this country. My advice: LET’S GO THERE !!