One of my first solo journeys is “The Wales”. I would have been able to write an article on England and to mention Wales there. But it means a lot to me to write an article on Wales only, so much this country is magnificent. For those who never went there, I recommend you this small country, which too often in the shadow of England, has great potentials for landscapes.


Here are some photos just to make your mouth water.


You won’t even believe me, but I left only to go to learn English. My English was worse at that time. The funniest it is that I not only learned English but I also began the photography. Thank you for the Welsh landscapes.

Let me know your impressions of my photos. They surely are not a pro but I’m quite proud of what I did at that time.

Are we talking about their capital? Cardiff. I will never forget the center of this city. All the shops, and boutiques. A street just like “Les Champs-Elysées” in Paris. There was one seller of caps of whom these ones were fluorescent in the nightclub. Any teenagers would have been unable to resist one of them. I had still never seen that. My journey amounted to that. I had the impression to discover always new things.

If I had to convince you to go there, I would tell you:

  • Go there for the originality of the country
  • Go there for the sublime landscapes
  • Go there because people are very warm there
  • Go there to discover the real passion of the rugby

Just get up there !!