Are you in search of a nice journey? I have what you need. CANADA. Believe me, I don’t tell you this because the grass always seems greener on the other side but because Canada is a great country.

I visited 3 cities. Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto.

I have to admit that these three cities amazed me. I could describe Montreal as an American city with a French-style touch. As for Toronto, it is no more and no less only one mini-New York with its own characteristics. Yeees, I am referring to this very photogenic ” CN Tower “.

What should I retain for every city?

  • Montréal

I was lucky to attend a fan’s brilliant gathering of mangas. Besides it, I would remember “underground passages”. It is the network of paths connecting buildings between them most of whom contained “food store”. I would never forget the view we have from the observatory “Saint Joseph”


  • Ottawa 

The parliament built on the model of the big Ben and the British Parliament is a real marvel. You will hear a lot that there are very few things to be visited in Montreal. I find this to be a preconceived idea. Ottawa is not rich in tourist attractions. But beware this doesn’t mean that there are no small charming corners, premises, and magic to discover.


  • Toronto

I wouldn’t say that the Toronto Zoo is wonderful but there are very cute Panda. If you are a fan of X-men, don’t visit the zoo and go to the Xavier Institute. Yes yes yes, this building was hiding all this time in Toronto. I can’t tell you more about Toronto. You need to see it to believe it.

Then get on the plane and see you soon in Toronto.