Thirteen caps for thirteen style


We’ve all experienced these last years the frenzy of the “snapback” or the “New Era Cap”. And this usually by a single-action mode. If I ask you today, how many types of caps is there, which would you say? Most would give a wrong answer. And I can’t blame any of you. Myself, I discovered a few recently. I will present thirteen. Thirteen caps for 13 different styles.

On headict we can see:


Most of us, confuse the four following caps:

       6-panel caps – fitted caps – new era caps –  5-panel caps

The brand “new era” has been such a success that today the new era cap is no longer a brand but a style of cap. The 4 caps I was telling you about, are four flat caps. Only the number of panel differs. There are no “most beautiful caps” among these four there, or more stylish. Buy according to your morphology (shape of your head mostly) and feel free to try them out. Some lucky ones will have a “hat head” and they’ll be perfect. The others will have to go deeper to research them. But if you’re in the latter case, there is undoubtedly a cap for you which waits somewhere.



You could also go wrong between “flat caps” and “newboys caps”

The rest must be familiar. We could also mention the marine Cap. The latter is rarely considered an accessory of fashion but more like work clothes or a disguise. These caps are the element that asserts the style to which you belong. Hip-hop, “bobo” style, class, style rap… all styles are achieved. Some like the “6 Panel cap”, fits with several styles. We can say that there is, therefore, a style by type of cap, or more with great stylistic combinations.


What we need to remember of this, are the multiple combinations of style. The caps marks present many styles and colors. With the customization, each cap can be unique. If you can’t find a suitable cap, do make it. Don’t get the same cap that your friend because you find it beautiful, even if it doesn’t fit you. Find yours. The one which is going to perfectly marry the forms of your face and grants with your clothing style. One that will match your personality. As a watch, a scarf or a hat, caps are a very important accessory for the wardrobe identity. Knowing that, do your research and find your “perfect cap”.


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