Sunny collaborations

Let’s discover together two amazing collaborations. I refer to Sperry x Gray Malin and Sperry x Jack Wade. Here are two collections from sunniest.  The articles are published in their most beautiful summery colors. This is enough to put stars in any eyes. To convince you, here is some information from their official sites. Believe me a visit worth the effort.


Gray Malin is a master aerial photographer who embodies the energy, color, and feeling of summer in every photograph that he captures. Our latest collaboration with Gray brings together his captivating photography with our iconic American style. Pastel suede materials paired with images of South Beach, Bora Bora and Rio de Janeiro captures the essence of summer wanderlust and celebrates how every day can be a getaway.

Similarly, the collection Sperry x Jack Wade has stood out in my eyes by its bright colors and design pure and simple.


Q. What was your inspiration for the collection? Did you have any style muses?
For this collection, I looked to Jack Spade’s archival bags and brand icons.

Q. Describe the Sperry x Jack Spade collection in three words.
Fresh. Modern. Fun.

Q. Which pair are you most excited about or do you feel most connected to?
The striped slip on, because sometimes not over-thinking a design detail can create the best product.

Q. How would you wear it?
In the summer, at the beach, in solid swim shorts, or with comfortably distressed jeans.

Q. What’s your style mantra?
I like to feel comfortable, and I love interesting fabrics. I also often find myself wearing a light jacket or bomber throughout the day so I can layer my look and have ample pockets for all my daily activities.

Q. How does your personal style influence your job?
I believe in the “3 C’s” of personal style: I like to feel cool, confident, and comfortable. Hopefully that carries over to my work attitude and informs what I design for Jack Spade.

Q. What does Two Originals mean to you?
Two things that can stand on their own but work well together too, like Newman and Redford.

The websites of these two collaborations will certainly give you the urge to frantically buy several items. Give in to temptation or not will not be your toughest choice. On the other hand, choosing which article is the most beautiful according to you (because you’re not going to buy everything) that’s a real challenge. Good luck to all !!

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