The Good Hour of Kapten


Lately, the brand “Daniel Wellington” has made noise mostly in the lives of young people and adults. And yet “Kapten & Son” has nothing to envy.

Indeed “Kapten & sound” provide sunglasses, bracelets and watches quite impressive.


What is pretty cool with this brand, it’s customization. Yeeeees, you can “create” your own watches! Unique, special, and to your image. This option is a real bonus for the brand. In any case, it got me much more. Customization is right here.

Choose a dial, choose a bracelet and select a box and here is your watch ready to be worn.


You want small glasses to strut on the beach this summer. Take a look over here. And besides glasses given to your watch. Nothing is more perfect!

If you want much more pictures of the brand, go on their Instagram page here

KAPTEN & SON watches are made with interchangeable bracelets for every occasion. That is why the possibilities of watches are widely multiplied. It is also the reason why I find these watches very cool and fashion. At the present time, which for me is the most important thing is the affirmation of our identity. The identity of each is the result of his character, his way of living and of course his style of dress. Nothing better than a brand which defends the evolution of each personal style. A brand that allows renewal while maintaining a classy basic.


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