8 Boxes For 8 Pleasures

Have you already heard from “La Box Homme”. If you have already, I have to congratulate you. Otherwise, I’m not going to scold you, but you must now click on that link below. Hurry up, my friends

La Box Homme: Web Site

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According to them, “La Box Homme” is dedicated to a man who knows that style is in the details. A man, a real one, who thinks that beauty and virility good bedfellows. And a man who asks to be surprised every month. “La Box Homme” offers now 8 “editions”. These editions are neither more nor less than a box full of surprise of style.

Each month, we will discover or rediscover the best brands in France and Navarre to the four corners of the world, our mission remains the same: find marks to the exceptional know-how.

The bit extra of LaBoxHomme, it is also to ensure you get a good deal. We negotiate the best prices with the brands of the creator to take advantage of a beautiful object to (very) good price.


If you want to be kept up to date about news from “La Box Homme”, don’t wait any longer. I personally already took that step a few weeks ago. Do like me and click here: La Box Homme – Magazine