This fashion “clapper-socks” which is not mine

At the approach of the summer, the ceaseless debate of clappers-socks is reborn from the ashes of the last winter. The tap-dancing freshly taken out of the cupboard meet the socks that are omnipresent all year round.




We could think this trend is born from the unability to choose between summer and winter or from the fear to get cold and warm in the same day. Sometimes I’ve read this “fashion” is one cultural trend in Germany and in Japan. Although I have never observed this in Germany, I’m still thinking it may be cultural. The only time, I’ve seen or done this, it while we were chilling at home. What bad tastes.


Who are we to consider it tasteless. It depends on the style you have. What we wear with. We won’t wear this with something classy. Personaly, I found that this trend mostly fit to the people who raise a retro style of the 60s. Because fashion is a constant circle, nowadays we get the inspiration from the past tendancy. Some trends are immortal. I mean some immortal source of inspiration. Perhaps this trend is one of those we can’t decide if she is an immortal one


All is a matter of style. If it fits yours, do it ! It will be really fashion. If it don’t, don’t even try or try at home until you find the right combination. You just have to look at the collection puma and adidas here to understand this. If you love that style, I dare you to try and do something awesome 🙂