It seems initially easy to illustrate a city. Photography can play this role. You only need to present the most famous monuments and the problem will be solved. And yet, here are only the appearance. Fortunately a city is not defined only by its monuments, but also by residents who composes it, and which make it live. This is when the street art play a role.

Like fashion which proves the identity of a person, the art proves the identity of a city and the person making him.

According to me, street art offers a deeper look of the city, the daily adventures, problems of all and the mindset of the population. A good tagger must succeed in this. As fashion proves the identity of a person, street art proves the identity of a city.

Since I return to Amiens more frequently, I noticed the development of street artists. I walked through streets when I came across real gems.


Through its project “StreetBarroco“, I find the seed of those artists who can be found at the Louvre. And yet this work, seemed filled with much more deep feelings. Just look at the intoxicating colors to feel it. Except the last picture, all pictures in this article are from Thibault Papin, the author of StreetBarroco. The last one is a reinterpretation of a work that he made with Philippe Thibaut. Unsatisfied of his part of the work he change it later. That why I called it a re-interpretation. Thibault Papin is the one we have to thank for this profound work. The graffiti that surrounded the project “StreetBarroco” were also splendid. Whereas Amiens seems to be a city with still too little movement. These works highlight the dynamics of the city. This dynamic that makes the city more attractive, more alive, more intense.


And then there’s this place called “the Brickyard”. A real place for the outpouring of street art. In this place you can find the project “StreetBarroco”. Here’s the location:




In my next article about art I’m going to present this place. By waiting for this, just go there guys !





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