80DB ORIGINAL – The Icelandic Test

Have you ever been to Iceland? If you are you’ll understand what I’m saying because you would have felt it. If you’re not; simply check to be sure that you know where Iceland is and the type of weather that we find in this country! Did you check it? You’re now ready to read this and understood why 80DB ORIGINAL is the connected jacket to try!


I discovered this jacket two years ago now in La Rochelle, France. I bought it because it’s pretty cool to have a jacket with which you can listen to music where you are going, even in the rain. In fact, the coat comes with a stereo headset, zipped, allowing to connect any smartphone or MP3/MP4.


On their website, we can also read this: 80DBOriginal is above all a quality that meets the toughest winter assault jacket: impermeability, isolation, and comfort are the basics of the reflection. It is also a true music experience

What is the best place to test the ability of such a coat? You could tell me that I would have been able to wait for the winter or that I would have been able to go in any northern-Europe country. As I had to leave for Iceland, it was a perfect place for my test. (This is the reason why I didn’t post for more than one month)

Of course, you can believe me or not but this coat has actually been proven.

If you look at the pictures, you will probably think that it’s not so cold here and that the sky is too blue to get the wind. Do not rely on the sky. What you see in some images is indeed the eternal snow. And who says eternal snow says “cold” and “the wind”.

For a person like me who always feels frozen, this coat is awesome.The climate was no longer a concern thanks to this jacket and I could fully enjoy the scenery.


What does make this jacket so great?

The fabric is 100% nylon opaque. It also contains a primer in polyurethane to ensure impermeability, toughness and a silky touch. It is resistant to wind, rain, and snow.

The lining is 100% polyester and there is a BD ‘pop art’ print on it.

The filling is assured by STOPTOCOLD. It’s made from synthetic fibers that provide an insulating power very high. The vest has an excellent insulation/weight ratio, even when the fibers are wet. The filling is very effective from a thermal point of view, it is lightweight, resistant to humidity, rain, snow… Besides, it allows the jacket to dry quickly and to be washable in the machine


For more technical information it would be easier for you to go to their web site: 80 DB Original  (On this site you can watch the different collections)

The last thing I could say to you is that in Iceland I faced a wind that I never met before. And I discovered frozen nights like I never felt before. The rain was normal but I was glad to wear this jacket. Of course, you must mark these words: I traveled in Summer. And I’m not sure this jacket would have been enough for a weather of December or a weather of April. 80DBOriginal now possess a collection made for a hardest situation but I can’t tell you a word of it because I didn’t try it. Someone may try it and share its experience.

Despite this previous fact 80DB Original is one of my best acquisition and I would always advise it for its performance, its design and its originality.