Pointer : Madam Londoner

When it comes to do shopping and make cases, two concepts are facing each other: curiosity and suspicion. Sometimes you regret your purchases and sometimes you will be so happy that a feeling of pride will be born into you. It is this latter case that I had with “pointer footwear” and I’m gonna tell you why.


It’s naturally human to be mistrustful with the new brands that you’ve never heard of. this happens all the time with brands of clothing, electronics or whatever. This mistrust is commonly based on the quality of the product. A good design, a big promotion, and an attractive financial aspect are what a brand need for you to have a crush.

“Pointer” made that bet on me. While I was looking for new shoes, a salesman told me about “pointer”, this small shoes of London that should appeal to me. Indeed this was the case.


According to them, Pointer has been established in 2004 in London. Pointer was created with the aim of making simple and considered well-designed casual shoes as an alternative to technical trainers and variously limited edition sneakers. Today, almost ten years later they still got the same vision. Creating high-quality footwear. The life, in all its diversity, from art and music, right down to our daily breakfast, is a key inspiration for them. What makes Pointer unique is its continuous celebration of the individual. They are offering something different, an alternative.They play with the classics, mixing materials, patterns and geometric shapes to create their own vision and ideal of the footwear that they would like to wear themselves.

(You can find this argumentation on their facebook page)


For a long time, the two words of “collector” and “edition” were for me a fatal duet. I was always in search for pairs of collector’s shoes and nothing else. Pointer succeded to break that will of mine. Thanks to this young shop of Rochefort (France) that introduce me to Pointer I completely change my mind about shoes.

Esthetics, simple, comfortable, resistance and elegant are words I could use to describe a Pointer.


What make them different ?

Class, Simplicity and Financial accessibility

Now that you’ve heard of it you should try it ! That’s all 🙂



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